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Reduce the potential for splintering by using CAMO tools and acid-proof stainless steel A4 Edge deck screws to secure cedar deck boards. CAMO Edge deck screws feature a rake tip that augers material out, and they’re fastened through the edge of the board, leaving a fastener-free, split-free surface. Or use the Premium deck screws, if you desire a traditional face-fastened deck. Use the CAMO pre-drill bit when installing cedar and the special drive bit (item 345089) when installing 34mm thick decking boards.

Always check what recommendations your deck-board supplier has for your board

Products used with this material


Any board, any joist, straighten warped boards, and lock-in rows of grooved boards and clips with the LEVER board bending tool that sets in one turn.

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Edge Deck Screws

Pair the patented rake tip screws with a Pro Series Guide to install a fastener-free surface easily and affordably.

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Premium Deck Screws

For a traditional look, use premium deck screws that draw the board tightly to the joist.

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Pro Guide

The Pro Guide clamps to the board and creates a 5mm gap while guiding two CAMO Edge deck screws into the side of the board.

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Pro-X1 Guide

The Pro-X1 Guide clamps boards and creates a 1.6 mm gap while guiding two CAMO Edge deck screws into the side of the board.

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Pro-NB Guide

For use when installing any narrow board—treated lumber, cedar, hardwood, composite, and PVC

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Edge Deck Screw Driver Bits

For use with Pro Series Guides and Edge deck screws.

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Pre-Drill Bit

Use the Pre-Drill bit to drill a hole before fastening hardwood boards with Stainless Steel Edge deck screws.

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